Top of the most Tasty Food From Autumn Fruits

Actually, when cooking, the housewives often make full use of the meat, fish or beef as the man materials. However, they do not know that fruit is also one of the most favorable ingredients in order to process the tasty food.

In this section today, we would like to cover the top food which is made from the autumn fruit to make your diet become more and more variable.

Fried Banana Cake With The Thailand Style


You beat eggs with sugar together, and then add the milk and butter.

Sift the dry ingredients sprinkled: powdered sugar and 1 cup self-rising powder – powder were premixed powder together, then mix in the egg mixture, and mix until smooth dough.

You dough thinly spread, to give up the pan, for bananas into the middle and then fold the dough.

You fry bread with non-stick pan about 1 minute per side, or until the bread has the yellow color. Serve up hot food; sprinkle a little extra for the delicious milk. In addition, you sprinkle milk can also eat chocolate sauce with chocolate, strawberry jam, depending on whim.

Aside from the banana cake, you can combine to make the cake more potato chips are also delicious banana.

Banana Smoothie

You peel banana into a blender along with the coconut milk (or water), and about 3 stones, and the puree it smoothly.

Note: It is recommended that you should choose the blend mode pulse. By the way, your smoothie cups will be nice and keep the color longer and not inclined to brown as long. In addition, you can combine banana with other fruits to create a smoothie mixed, like mango or banana smoothies orange banana smoothie.

Banana Ice Cream


You mix the bananas and sugar in a blender in order to puree.

Pour this mixture into the paper cups or small baking molds, and then put into the freezer. When the mixture begins to freeze, you get the ice cream, and plug into the middle of the cup and continues to crowd (about 4 hours) to taken out to eat.

Banana Coconut Cream Tea


Thai banana should be cut into round 2. 3 cm segment, with 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar shock.

Cassava peel, cut into the small piece, and soak in cold water with about 2 hours.

Semolina flour should be soaked in cold water for hatching and then picked up a basketball and drain.

The coconut milk (box commercially available) into the pot with cold water 3 bowls.

Drop the pot boiled cassava, then 10 minutes to add semolina and banana, stir lightly with a small fire. When the semolina in, major cassava, tasting the sweetness, the constant waiting for water, scoop out enjoying the ice bowl.

Guava Mannequin


Purchase pig stomach, clean with the salt and vinegar rinse thoroughly.

The herbs, carrots, lemon pepper after being washed cleanly will be cut into the small piece.

Grate carrot under the small version.  Consortium with salt for about 15 minutes then rinses and squeeze out water.

Boil pig stomach to cool then cut into bite size pieces.

Mix guava, carrots, stomach, vegetables spices together and sprinkle water to soak up the sweet and sour salad.

Water mix includes: 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, ½ teaspoon of salt / seasoning then peanuts to eat then.

Guava Soot Mixing Plants

Wash the guava cleanly and then add guava fruit in half if using for the baby and add four if using guava too large.

Next soot spoon scoop out pulp toilet bowl.

Then mix the powder soot on guava plants.

Next to the paprika on the island, for about 2 hours in the refrigerator, take out for enjoying.

Hope that based on these entire recipes, the housewives can be able to cook the delicious meals for the whole member in their family. It is sure that the fruit does not contain the high amount of protein as well vitamins but it is very rich in the nutrition as well as valuable for the skin. As a result, master all the steps to cook these meals will ensure the high food safety.