Some Outstanding Notes When Using The Best Air Fryer

There is no doubt that the fryer without oil (also called air fryer) is becoming a name mentioned a lot among several appliances on the market today. It helps minimize the amount of oil for food during processing, so a lot of housewives are interested.

However, they may not know the exact way to use this item. For the air fryer review, the users can visit my website to get the best secret in making the meal for your family without worrying about the health issues.

What Is The Rapid Air Technology?

Rapid Air technology uses the fan above the pot, which will blow out the hot air flow inside the air (called fried food), makes crispy food on the outside and soft on the inside. The amount of oil in a food is less than 80% over compared to the conventional frying pan.

Anatomy of the air fryer: The above part contains heating bar (mayso wire) and fan. The volume of the pot is about 1.3 to 2.2 liters. The maximum temperature is approximately 200 degrees Celsius with the highest timer of 30 minutes.


– It takes about 3 minutes to heat the air inside the pot and depending on the amount of food inside will have different ripening time. But, it is just at half time when cooking compared to the conventional convection oven.

– The type of design is modern and compact, processing a variety of dishes such as fried chicken wings, cake, chips, baked sweet potatoes, burns, etc.

– In addition to saving some oil for cooking, dishes prepared from air fryer are not limited by the risk of cardiovascular disease for people who eat fried food.

– Reduced the minimum amount of smoke generated during frying.

–┬áSafety factor, hygiene, it will not be fried in oil condition of splatters unsanitary and cause burns.


– Although it is the air fryer, to keep keep food from drying, mixing hard, you should still add a little oil or butter in dishes like potatoes, tofu, vegetables occasionally to get fried out tray shock / tiller / flip, so all the food will taste better. With dishes like fried chicken, which has more fat, you should check to pour down on the amount of fat to avoid burning the food.

– Use the appropriate power source with pot to increase the life of the product.

– It need to be cleaned properly following the instructions used to avoid the smell of pot for the next time cooking.

Assessment About Tefal Philips Pensonic Air Fryer

Versatile Air Fryer

Owning a maximum capacity of 1400W and is equipped with cooking programs preinstalled, versatile pot Tefal AW9500 will be the workhorse to help housewives in the preparation of delicious dishes for the family nutrition. Not just an ordinary electric pot, the surface of the product is covered with ceramic non-stick coating, which can be used as a convenient pan, allowing you to easily perform quickly fried dishes with a little cooking oil.

With its compact and modern design, along with functional and convenient installation of the cooking time, this versatile pot Tefal AW9500 gives you quick cooking methods, safety and efficiency.


Besides the use of a cooker, Tefal AW9500 is also a handy frying pan. Products will call for fast heat transfer capability and will help food cooked faster. You can optionally install automatic cooking time, which is easy, saving time, just more comfortable with the safety system voltage of this product.

Intelligent Design

Not only score by minimalist appearance, elegance, this product also offers the convenience by allowing you to set the time to cook the food, including the safety lock mode. Products are covered with the ceramic nonstick coating, which helps curb energy use, food restriction or too much lube. Besides, with a versatile pot Tefal AW9500, hygiene products work after your user becomes quickly and easily.

Easy To Use

This Tefal AW9500 versatile pot has the LCD display to show modern cooking timer. The product is equipped with automatic power down after cooking, to ensure the safety of users at the same time to keep the maturity and the delicious food.

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