How To Make The Delicious Jam For The Tet

Jams which are made from materials such as pumpkin jam, jelly coconut, carrot jam is probably no stranger to the festival every time you come. So, with the aim to bring you the latest and delicious food, this article will introduce mothers how to make green papaya jam.

The General View For The Green Papaya Jam

Green papaya jam is made with the eye-catching colors, fibers closely jam and crispy chewy especially delicious moderate level helps you not be sick like when eating the other jams.

Raw Materials To Make The Green Papaya Marmalade Recipe For 4-5 People

500g green papaya

500g granulated sugar

Lime White


Steps To Process The Green Papaya Jam

Step 1: Pre-processing of raw green papaya jam recipe

Peel papaya

Green Papaya peeled, washed, let drain

Shredded papaya

Use a papaya cells into long fibers, the fibroblasts attention not too small to avoid being crushed papaya jam in the stars. Then rinse again for making sure that the plastic is clean.

Step 2:

Mix white lime with water, so that the deposition of lime is in the bottom end of the pot, use the lime water in order to make jam.

Pickle papaya with lime in

Soak in lime green papaya in about 4 hours

After a few minutes, pick papaya out a few times to rinse clean lime water.

Step 3: To drain papaya

Boil a pot of boiling water, for a brief hearing papaya in order to remove the smell of lime to go, bring papaya soaked in cold water immediately to retain crispness. To papaya really drained

Marinated papaya with sugar at a ratio of 1: 1, 500g papaya per 500g sugar, it will run out. Allow standing for about 2 hours for sugar absorb into papaya or until sugar dissolves as is.

Use a thick bottomed pan or pot to slug jam, after you heat the pan to soak parts papaya sugar to the pan. Initially, due to the sugar water you should pretty much on fire to boil and will decrease as the water level in the pan sugar until lows

Step 4:

When the syrup in the pan is exhausted, you need to maintain and continuously stir hand, this time jam fibers also become much ball.

Crystallized sugar

Add vanilla

Wait until the white crystalline sugar, vanilla jam stick in the papaya, stir a few more minutes, and then remove from the heat.

Pour papaya jam to cool and pour into a bottle tightly closed until use.

Enjoying papaya jam and hot tea was consolidated.

Note The Green Papaya Jam Recipe:

Only use green papaya, including Central ripe papaya is not used to avoid being crushed papaya when slugs.

When pickling papaya with lime in, you pay attention to leave papaya submerged in water, because if the papaya expose to the fiber air then it turns golden brown. As a result, you should use a bowl or heavy objects to press flooded papaya.

In summary, how to make the green papaya jam is quite easy compared to other types of jam, as well as the time to make jam is also very fast. Crispy papaya jam stage, moderately sweet taste is not too harsh because less sugar, so you can eat more.

In addition, papaya jam also has beautiful blue color as nuggets without the use of dyes. New Year’s Day, the mother does a little more green papaya jam to entertain you to the house.