How To Choose Suitable Food For Dehydrator?

The market on supermarket is diverse and abundant with many kind of food, canned food.

Long time ago, people like to eat some dried food. But it seems waste much time to dried food. So now, with the development of technology, there is a good product that help you in this problem, it is dehydrator.

With the best food dehydrator, the work of preservation food become easier than ever. You can keep food for a long time without being afraid of spoiling. And then it make sure quality of food, bring for your family some delicious food.

Now we will help you the best way to dry food and fruit that maintain nutrient in food to bring for you the best health.

Drying Food By Dehydrator

This machine will help you dry food fast and effectively just some minute. You just slice fruit into many pieces and arrange them into this product, wait for a minute and then it will give delicious smell and odor for your family. On the other hand, it also keep much nutrients in fruit and food to make sure your health.

You just pay attention to the temperature of this machine when drying. Depend on the characteristic to set different temperature.

The method of dehydrator nowadays isn’t strange for many people. If in the past, the work of drying food waste much time, demand for a long time, at this time, we just need a small product, set timer and temperature and then use electric to dry. It is faster than ever so much.

On the other hand, it makes sure nutrient of food, bring much strange food for you and for your family.

There are two methods commonly used dried it is heated and air drying.

Air drying vegetables are frozen at a temperature of -20 degrees C, making water in frozen vegetables, then make solid water evaporation. This drying method is also known as freeze drying. This drying method has some advantages, it is guaranteed to keep the color and keep the natural taste of the food as well as the vitamins in it, especially vitamin C. Because vitamin C is easily lost vitamins go under the effect of high temperatures.

Some Steps To Choose Food For Drying

With food dryers for household use, you can dry the fruits, vegetables or meat. STEP food choices are important, you should choose the food was fresh, not bruised or damaged signs. If food is not chosen taken fresh dried, it will affect a lot of product quality and shelf life. The food that you can dry like strawberry, pineapple, apple, banana, jackfruit, grapes, carrots, tomatoes…

Before the food in the dryer, you need to wash food, removes the old, sicken unusable. Then sliced to taste, not too thick for the drying process is fast, not too thin to be crispy food and water are gone.

After cleaning simply prepared food, food you boss in layers on the tray of the dryer so that the food is evenly layer to best quality products. Once filled the trays of food boss, you adjust the temperature of food dryer at 60 ° C and wait for 4 to 6 hours depending on the type of food.

When food and water separation has achieved standards of food then moved outside to cool down is that you can use immediately or for storage.

The food preservation decided to use their time. Food should be stored in plastic bags, dried, sealed box or bottle. You can leave from six months to a year. If possible use a vacuum, sucking all the air into the microorganisms in food containers. Thus, you can preserve food longer and better quality lots.

The Food Dehydrator

On the whole this is what you need to know about foods dryer drying and foods. Hopefully you can choose for themselves a way for the best food preservation.

Daniel Thorn – an excellent cook shared some experience when preserving food. One of them has dried food with dehydrator. This product is useful in keep food longer than ever. So you can put it in refrigerator without being anxious something. On the other hand, you can make it into another food.