The Most Highlight Advice To Buy The Non Stick Pans Effectively

Jul 2016

A non-stick pan is the friendly- user’s device for the entire household in the modern life due to its extremely beneficial values. A standard non- stick pan greatly depends on many factors including the type pan, the pan bottom’s material as well as the surface thickness.. Supposing you desire the best egg pan, do not ignore this section.

Type Of Pan

According to the experience of the British housewife, the nonstick pans which are considered to have the good value, durable can be deployed at least 5 years or more. Pan of the famous brand does not surely bring the efficient use by that of the housewife who has long experience. If you only catch the new models without caring about the product quality, you may take a lot of money to replace the new one. Currently the market has hundreds of thousands of categories, with all types and models, brands and complicated everything, of course with my knowledge I cannot mention them all but I will get back to you statistics for I know these products:

Cast Iron Pans

They have durable insulating ability, especially cooking, as well as frying foods for a long time. With this pan line, the users are suggested to choose the heavy one.

Ceramic Coated Aluminum Pan

This product kind is potentially inexpensive. In addition, it is able to bring the equal thermal distribution. However, the non-stick degree of this type is not really impressive.

Thick Anode Aluminum Pan

The product has advantages of lightweight, durable, fast thermal effect, but it is not suitable for washing by machine. This pan is gray, black, and it has been treated with chemicals and metal hardening.

Stainless Steel Pans

They are processed combined release agent. Because stainless steel (white steel) has low thermal conductivity so one must reinforce an anti-adhesive layer bottom Thermostats with other alloys, aluminum or copper can be.

Pan from the capital is one of the parts of the cooking pot from complete, it is also the only thing you can fry fish and vegetable nests. However, when you use the kitchen stove or electricity since there are many issues to consider when you choose to buy from the pan and go looking for information about purchasing experience from the pan to the kitchen, this article will give you information on matters such as how to choose the pan from the stove for simultaneously introduce you some sample-stick pan for kitchen from and answer many questions for you.

Aluminum Pans

The type of pan used most often seen in family Vietnam today, with features high thermal conductivity of aluminum membrane and the aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is extremely durable against collisions, oxygen chemical … then this is the product that will be used in the long term as well.

Aluminum Pans For The Best Gas Stove

Non-stick pan for gas stove is often the aluminum sample pan which is covered with a thin layer of non-stick (Teflon) or organic ceramic. In general, the non-stick pan models have the same price range and a variety of designs you can buy easy exchange via large supermarkets but usually the layer of Teflon non-stick is rapidly degraded and return quickly aluminum nature.

Some Caution When Using Non-Stick Pans

Before first, it is better to use clean pans. Should buyers wash with soapy water and then use 1-2 tsp scan pan and bring to the surface warming pan. Just 10-12 reuses maintenance operations as of 1 time.  The more continuously this step you apply, the more constant product will be. When frying, the product will not be stick and easier to wash. Only use moderate heat level for frying. If the temperature is too high, it can damage the surface of the pan which is capable of affecting food. Should you fully take advantage of the frying pan surface?

Do not use abrasive materials to wash and bleach. When washing the pan, should use soft cloth for. Wash cleanly to not leave the sediment in the pan, especially of the salt. Supposing that there are blank spots on the pan (caused by salt), they should be used to clean pieces of chopped lemon, then rinse with water. Use only wooden or plastic spatula to scrape or heavy operation on the pan.



Learning The Best Vacuum sealer Sealer For The Beginners

Jul 2016

Accordingly to the vacuum sealer sealers expert, the food preservation by vacuum sealer is not only good for food, long vanity, hygienic but also protects the human health. For the busy housewife, one time for shopping will contain the food for the week, thanks to vacuum sealer sealer, all the food is fresh as bought from the marketplace.

In the supermarket or grocery store, everything is stored in hygienic in the vacuum sealer bag. Previously, only the new processing companies uses the vacuum sealer sealer machine, but now you can do vacuum sealer at the family thanks to this handy product.

The vacuum sealer sealer machines for the foods are very handy with compact dimensions but very large capacity, easy to use, the use of the machine for the family is difficult to count because of its excessive things. For several years,  using vacuum sealer machine among the home appliance, we’ve added a lot of use of this machine. Here are three uses of vacuum sealer that we find most useful.

Use A Vacuum Sealer To Store Food

The consumers use a vacuum sealer machine for fresh foods such as vegetables, fruit, and meat. If you want to split into several meals or moderate amounts, you can cut it in your pocket to fit sized sucked, suck vacuum and store in the refrigerator.

For products in the freezer, do so will be very convenient, because when you need to use, you can shed, not a huge frozen block. In addition, the vacuum sealer units are also used for covering dry food such as dried fruits, herbs, spices, even the flour, sugar.

Use A Vacuum Sealer To Preserve Wine, Oil Or Vinegar

Once you’ve opened the bottle, shelf the liquid is greatly reduced, especially wine. There is a special type of bottle, which can be used to vacuum sealer in the bottle, thus ensuring the liquid to be better preserved.

Use A Vacuum Sealer To Resist Corrosion

With the metal for a long time, when exposed to air, moisture will corrode, rust or tarnish over time. You can use the vacuum sealer to seal products, saving a lot of time to polish as well as refreshing food. For sharp metal, you need to wrap by thick cloth or paper before using the vacuum sealer to avoid puncturing the bag.

Leftover Food Preservation

This is the big problem of the mother, because the time of price is expensive, the food if not used completely, will be thrown into the waste, or put in the refrigerator will be loosened the flavor by other tasting foods. Having vacuum sealer will help the preservation. If you want to continue using, just cut the shell bags and put them in the pot warmup to ensure the utility.

Preserving Fresh Food

Meat, fish and other fresh foods stored in the refrigerator without vacuum sealer will cause unpleasant smells and the delicious rapid loss. Just for Sunday, spend spare time you can do work like that and put the food into vacuum sealer  without squirming processing, thereby it saves time . Assorted fresh seafood if being sent to the far relatives, you can use the vacuum sealer for the most convenient.

Preserved Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits, tubers and vegetables should also be stored in vacuum sealer. Especially the nuts such as peanuts, green beans, cashew nuts, coffee if put in a normal environment, it will be easily damaged and moldy.

Storage Of Medical Devices – Clothes

Medical instruments are important in families with elderly patients and elderly people requiring aid r regularly. So, preserving these items clean safety is extremely important. Using vacuum sealer technology can prevent bacteria and dirt clinging to safety instruments health of family members. Children’s clothing or new clothes can also preserved by vacuum sealer again.

For your advice, Enelin Paas is a professional chef. She will give some tips for you to use this item properly. For example, you should not use this product for the powder, rice, minced foods; or food too wet, which will cause engine damage and reduce the life of the machine. Apart from the family, the shops, which are small business mechanism, should also use household vacuum sealer. It not only increases the shelf life, but also to ensure health and safety.


Some Outstanding Notes When Using The Best Air Fryer

Jul 2016

There is no doubt that the fryer without oil (also called air fryer) is becoming a name mentioned a lot among several appliances on the market today. It helps minimize the amount of oil for food during processing, so a lot of housewives are interested.

However, they may not know the exact way to use this item. For the air fryer review, the users can visit my website to get the best secret in making the meal for your family without worrying about the health issues.

What Is The Rapid Air Technology?

Rapid Air technology uses the fan above the pot, which will blow out the hot air flow inside the air (called fried food), makes crispy food on the outside and soft on the inside. The amount of oil in a food is less than 80% over compared to the conventional frying pan.

Anatomy of the air fryer: The above part contains heating bar (mayso wire) and fan. The volume of the pot is about 1.3 to 2.2 liters. The maximum temperature is approximately 200 degrees Celsius with the highest timer of 30 minutes.


– It takes about 3 minutes to heat the air inside the pot and depending on the amount of food inside will have different ripening time. But, it is just at half time when cooking compared to the conventional convection oven.

– The type of design is modern and compact, processing a variety of dishes such as fried chicken wings, cake, chips, baked sweet potatoes, burns, etc.

– In addition to saving some oil for cooking, dishes prepared from air fryer are not limited by the risk of cardiovascular disease for people who eat fried food.

– Reduced the minimum amount of smoke generated during frying.

– Safety factor, hygiene, it will not be fried in oil condition of splatters unsanitary and cause burns.


– Although it is the air fryer, to keep keep food from drying, mixing hard, you should still add a little oil or butter in dishes like potatoes, tofu, vegetables occasionally to get fried out tray shock / tiller / flip, so all the food will taste better. With dishes like fried chicken, which has more fat, you should check to pour down on the amount of fat to avoid burning the food.

– Use the appropriate power source with pot to increase the life of the product.

– It need to be cleaned properly following the instructions used to avoid the smell of pot for the next time cooking.

Assessment About Tefal Philips Pensonic Air Fryer

Versatile Air Fryer

Owning a maximum capacity of 1400W and is equipped with cooking programs preinstalled, versatile pot Tefal AW9500 will be the workhorse to help housewives in the preparation of delicious dishes for the family nutrition. Not just an ordinary electric pot, the surface of the product is covered with ceramic non-stick coating, which can be used as a convenient pan, allowing you to easily perform quickly fried dishes with a little cooking oil.

With its compact and modern design, along with functional and convenient installation of the cooking time, this versatile pot Tefal AW9500 gives you quick cooking methods, safety and efficiency.


Besides the use of a cooker, Tefal AW9500 is also a handy frying pan. Products will call for fast heat transfer capability and will help food cooked faster. You can optionally install automatic cooking time, which is easy, saving time, just more comfortable with the safety system voltage of this product.

Intelligent Design

Not only score by minimalist appearance, elegance, this product also offers the convenience by allowing you to set the time to cook the food, including the safety lock mode. Products are covered with the ceramic nonstick coating, which helps curb energy use, food restriction or too much lube. Besides, with a versatile pot Tefal AW9500, hygiene products work after your user becomes quickly and easily.

Easy To Use

This Tefal AW9500 versatile pot has the LCD display to show modern cooking timer. The product is equipped with automatic power down after cooking, to ensure the safety of users at the same time to keep the maturity and the delicious food.

My website is www.fryerland.com, supplies you the best reviews and knowledge to help you save time and have a right purchasing decision. We can help you determine the most appropriate fryer fitting your needs and budgets.


The Best Way To Fry Food Without Needing To Have Oil

Jun 2016

The amount of fat contained in food, food and more make you more worried about the health situation of the whole family. Furthermore, these fried foods with large amounts of excess grease is always the food was the favorite child.

So we need to have a product that can dry without need to have oil. An Philips airfryer review is good way for you to buy in your family. But how to choose the best air fryer review. Now we can help you choose a suitable machine,

Understand the risks that may affect the health and life of the user, the vacuum fryer was born with many outstanding features, particularly reduced to 80% fat in food, help you and your family have a delicious meal in style and ensure a nutritional fullest. Besides, the intelligent timer function up to 30 minutes, you can do other things during cooking without burning food to worry or waste power during use. With these advantages and the ability to protect the health of your family a most optimal way, vacuum fryer is fully deserved I55 workhorse to create delicious dishes, nutritious your family.

Food Processing Methods With Healthy

One of the most important principles when selecting food processing methods that avoid using too much oil, and grease. Here are some cooking techniques help you keep the flavor and nutrients of food.

The technique used to cook fried foods was small and thin sliced. The pan fried quite similar to the method because they also use a little fat for shallow frying pan into the food to be cooked at high temperatures. Non-stick pans will help to limit to the minimum required amount of fat used. With pan-frying technique, shape, water quality and taste of the food will be preserved.

Besides, you can use the facilities of modern cooking with grease functional limitations such as not using fryer oil.. This kitchen appliance is functioning fried, fried foods without the use of oil or very little.

The Features Of Air Fryer

It is not use the fryer oil. These healthy cooking techniques most helpful to you:

For the barbecue or fried, should use non-stick pans to limit the amount of oil needed.. Reduce the amount of salt in food half and replace it with herbs, lemon juice or vinegar …

The use of olive oil. Replace the sauce or gravy sauce thick with vegetables and chili sauce.

Regularly choosing fruit instead of dessert pastries. Pay more attention to wheat, coarse rice flour and reduce the white powder was purified. Steamed vegetables instead of boiling. Choose products made from low-cholesterol eggs. Save time processing, without grease while maintaining crispness

Versatile senior fryer is designed rapid air technology-based processing wonderful tasty fries without oil. Rapid Air technology is patented inventions of air fryer allows you to process the most delicious fried dishes contain less fat and 80% compared to conventional frying pan! Unique design combines hot air circulated rapidly and the grill allows you to fry many kinds of delicious fried food, snacks, chicken, meat and many other delicious dishes quickly and easily. Do you just fry fryer with air and create more and slightly less odor than traditional frying pot, easy to clean and safe, as well as savings for everyday use

Senior versatile fryer cook with 4 liter capacity, 2 liters grilled cage that you can cook all your favorite dishes for the family. With integrated timer function allows you to preset the cooking time up to 30 minutes. The function automatically turns off the sound indicator includes “ready”. Full temperature control can be adjusted to allow you to preset the best cooking temperature for the food up to 200 degrees. Enjoy these pieces of fried, golden and shining, snacks, chicken, meat and many other dishes – all made with time and temperature suitable for the best results.

If you don’t know more about the way of cooking with this product, you can visit website FamilyNano to consult more article introduce this product and the way of using this machine. To use this machine isn’t difficult. You can consider and read instruction carefully and then practice follow instruction. We hope we gave you some useful information about this product. You can do it anytime and then you will bring more delicious dishes in your family.


How To Choose Suitable Food For Dehydrator?

Jun 2016

The market on supermarket is diverse and abundant with many kind of food, canned food.

Long time ago, people like to eat some dried food. But it seems waste much time to dried food. So now, with the development of technology, there is a good product that help you in this problem, it is dehydrator.

With the best food dehydrator, the work of preservation food become easier than ever. You can keep food for a long time without being afraid of spoiling. And then it make sure quality of food, bring for your family some delicious food.

Now we will help you the best way to dry food and fruit that maintain nutrient in food to bring for you the best health.

Drying Food By Dehydrator

This machine will help you dry food fast and effectively just some minute. You just slice fruit into many pieces and arrange them into this product, wait for a minute and then it will give delicious smell and odor for your family. On the other hand, it also keep much nutrients in fruit and food to make sure your health.

You just pay attention to the temperature of this machine when drying. Depend on the characteristic to set different temperature.

The method of dehydrator nowadays isn’t strange for many people. If in the past, the work of drying food waste much time, demand for a long time, at this time, we just need a small product, set timer and temperature and then use electric to dry. It is faster than ever so much.

On the other hand, it makes sure nutrient of food, bring much strange food for you and for your family.

There are two methods commonly used dried it is heated and air drying.

Air drying vegetables are frozen at a temperature of -20 degrees C, making water in frozen vegetables, then make solid water evaporation. This drying method is also known as freeze drying. This drying method has some advantages, it is guaranteed to keep the color and keep the natural taste of the food as well as the vitamins in it, especially vitamin C. Because vitamin C is easily lost vitamins go under the effect of high temperatures.

Some Steps To Choose Food For Drying

With food dryers for household use, you can dry the fruits, vegetables or meat. STEP food choices are important, you should choose the food was fresh, not bruised or damaged signs. If food is not chosen taken fresh dried, it will affect a lot of product quality and shelf life. The food that you can dry like strawberry, pineapple, apple, banana, jackfruit, grapes, carrots, tomatoes…

Before the food in the dryer, you need to wash food, removes the old, sicken unusable. Then sliced to taste, not too thick for the drying process is fast, not too thin to be crispy food and water are gone.

After cleaning simply prepared food, food you boss in layers on the tray of the dryer so that the food is evenly layer to best quality products. Once filled the trays of food boss, you adjust the temperature of food dryer at 60 ° C and wait for 4 to 6 hours depending on the type of food.

When food and water separation has achieved standards of food then moved outside to cool down is that you can use immediately or for storage.

The food preservation decided to use their time. Food should be stored in plastic bags, dried, sealed box or bottle. You can leave from six months to a year. If possible use a vacuum, sucking all the air into the microorganisms in food containers. Thus, you can preserve food longer and better quality lots.

The Food Dehydrator

On the whole this is what you need to know about foods dryer drying and foods. Hopefully you can choose for themselves a way for the best food preservation.

Daniel Thorn – an excellent cook shared some experience when preserving food. One of them has dried food with dehydrator. This product is useful in keep food longer than ever. So you can put it in refrigerator without being anxious something. On the other hand, you can make it into another food.

Top of the most Tasty Food From Autumn Fruits

Jun 2016

Actually, when cooking, the housewives often make full use of the meat, fish or beef as the man materials. However, they do not know that fruit is also one of the most favorable ingredients in order to process the tasty food.

In this section today, we would like to cover the top food which is made from the autumn fruit to make your diet become more and more variable.

Fried Banana Cake With The Thailand Style


You beat eggs with sugar together, and then add the milk and butter.

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Top Of The Most Special Cooking Recipes With The Fruits

Jun 2016

T is said that fruit is very rich in the amount of vitamin as well as protein for our health. However, housewives often only make smoothie with the fruits without knowing how to combine it for processing the delicious meals.

In this section today, we would like to cover some dishes which are made from the fruits for all of you to make the reference.

Pomelo Salad With Shrimp Squid


Grapefruit should be split into the cloves.  Peel the carrots and then cut it into the fibers. Peppers should be chopped small and the ginger need to be cut into the fibers.

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How To Make The Delicious Jam For The Tet

May 2016

Jams which are made from materials such as pumpkin jam, jelly coconut, carrot jam is probably no stranger to the festival every time you come. So, with the aim to bring you the latest and delicious food, this article will introduce mothers how to make green papaya jam.

The General View For The Green Papaya Jam

Green papaya jam is made with the eye-catching colors, fibers closely jam and crispy chewy especially delicious moderate level helps you not be sick like when eating the other jams.

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Highlight The Best Recipe To Make The Fried Beef With Fruits

May 2016

It is said that the beef contains a lot of protein to help maintain muscle mass, and rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, and especially iron for the blood supporting. There are plenty of attractive beef processing such as baked, steamed, fried, … but perhaps the most popular is still fried beef.

However, not all sisters know how to fry beef properly. Therefore, this article today will reveal you how to make delicious mixed fried beef with the fruits.

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