Top of the most Tasty Food From Autumn Fruits

Jun 2016

Actually, when cooking, the housewives often make full use of the meat, fish or beef as the man materials. However, they do not know that fruit is also one of the most favorable ingredients in order to process the tasty food.

In this section today, we would like to cover the top food which is made from the autumn fruit to make your diet become more and more variable.

Fried Banana Cake With The Thailand Style


You beat eggs with sugar together, and then add the milk and butter.

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Top Of The Most Special Cooking Recipes With The Fruits

Jun 2016

T is said that fruit is very rich in the amount of vitamin as well as protein for our health. However, housewives often only make smoothie with the fruits without knowing how to combine it for processing the delicious meals.

In this section today, we would like to cover some dishes which are made from the fruits for all of you to make the reference.

Pomelo Salad With Shrimp Squid


Grapefruit should be split into the cloves.  Peel the carrots and then cut it into the fibers. Peppers should be chopped small and the ginger need to be cut into the fibers.

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How To Make The Delicious Jam For The Tet

May 2016

Jams which are made from materials such as pumpkin jam, jelly coconut, carrot jam is probably no stranger to the festival every time you come. So, with the aim to bring you the latest and delicious food, this article will introduce mothers how to make green papaya jam.

The General View For The Green Papaya Jam

Green papaya jam is made with the eye-catching colors, fibers closely jam and crispy chewy especially delicious moderate level helps you not be sick like when eating the other jams.

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Highlight The Best Recipe To Make The Fried Beef With Fruits

May 2016

It is said that the beef contains a lot of protein to help maintain muscle mass, and rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, and especially iron for the blood supporting. There are plenty of attractive beef processing such as baked, steamed, fried, … but perhaps the most popular is still fried beef.

However, not all sisters know how to fry beef properly. Therefore, this article today will reveal you how to make delicious mixed fried beef with the fruits.

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